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inside the iphone 3g, kiwis

So the fine people on the island of New Zealand were the first people in the world to get their mits on the new iPhone 3G today, and of course, the first thing they do is dismantle it and spread it out on a table for all to see. Why? They are nerds.


The queue outside the new Telstra shop in Melbourne CBD is massive. People who got there at 5am have only just got one, it is now almost 9am. Optus have gone through 14 people in an hour and a half and they only got 80 handsets!


optus 3g apple iphone pre orders

Hi, I’ve just heard from very good authority that the apple iphone will be on sale through Optus for $320 OUTRIGHT for the 16GB model. Also Optus have apparently ordered 1.2 million units and have received more than 200 thousand orders in the first 3 days of the pre order offer, so they will definitely sell out.

So, you can buy the phone outright without a plan for $320. But you will need to be with optus or vodaphone to use it. That is of course until it is unlockable with ziphone or something similar.