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People Swearing On Twitter

So i have been using twitter for a while now and one thing i have noticed among the 140 odd people i am following is that NOT ONE OF THEM SWEARS. Which makes things a bit hard for me cos i swear like a fucking trooper. Then i found this site. – Real time feed of people swearing on twitter.

Defence Force – The Paper Baron

So the Air Force / Defence has come out with a nice little flash paper airplane game. The Paper Baron.

At first glance it might seem like every other paper plane flash game out there but on further investigation it is a little different.

give it a shot! The Paper Baron.

inside the iphone 3g, kiwis

So the fine people on the island of New Zealand were the first people in the world to get their mits on the new iPhone 3G today, and of course, the first thing they do is dismantle it and spread it out on a table for all to see. Why? They are nerds.

The queue outside the new Telstra shop in Melbourne CBD is massive. People who got there at 5am have only just got one, it is now almost 9am. Optus have gone through 14 people in an hour and a half and they only got 80 handsets!


Kings Of Power 4 Billion %

Melbourne animator Paul Robertson‘s latest short Kings Of Power 4 Billion % is online for all to see. It’s 12 and a half minutes of 16bit animated ultraviolence at it’s best with awesome retro progressive arcade style music by Cornel Wilczek (qua).

The Pirate Bay torrent.

the million dollar website re-opens!

So! After yonks and yonks of just sitting there quietly and very slowly making me a millionaire (hah!) with Google Adsense ads, I have decided to relaunch the Million Dollar Website.

As many of you may recall this is a site i created to blatantly ride the coattails of Alex Tew, who on August 26 2005, created a website called The Million Dollar Homepage. This sparked a media frenzy in the months to come. I myself was almost a part of this frenzy after i was contacted by a reporter for the Financial Review for an interview, but alas for reasons i can’t recall the the interview fell through.

The idea was simple, and it worked exceedingly well, taking only 5 months for the last pixel lot to be sold. This last lot was actually auctioned off on eBay for a total of $38,100.00 USD. He had made a grand total of $1,037,100 USD by the end. Amazing. I have made… a smaller amount, not by selling pixel space but purely by advertising revenue. It has actually paid for the hosting of all my sites for the next 2 years! Quite good i think haha!

So, head on over and hit me up for some free advertising for your website!

Allpeers is closing up shop

Well i know i had completely forgotten about it. I was part of the original beta program for this and was fairly disappointed to be honest. Although i didn’t really give it much of a chance.

Via Ars Technica

drawball mkII

Now i have posted about Drawball before, back then it was rather sweet. Now they have this new (not exactly sure how new but it says new) feature where you can playback what looks like the entire history of the ball.

It’s pretty funny watching the effort of some to keep their drawing alive. Obviously the site gets a huge number of hits so there are quite a few advertising attempts, Pepsi a massive Korean flag in the middle near the beginning.

Click here to have a look!

Also check out the best of!

be a man…

Just stumbled upon this site. Pretty rad tbh. I like How To Give an Impressive Handshake, that could come in handy when im a power player on the… power player scene. or something.


Never heard of this before. Interesting documentary following a Melbourne Graff artist.

Here’s the word.

Jisoe is a compelling observational documentary that exposes the underbelly of Australian culture rarely explored by mainstream cinema. Set in Melbourne’s harsh underground graffiti scene this provocative film exposes for the first time how this international culture has carved its own identity in Australian suburbia.

The film is centred on the life of Justin Hughes (aka Jisoe), a young graffiti artist and part of an emerging Australian underclass. The story swings between Justin’s gritty daily existence of painting trains and smoking drugs, to sharing intimate and emotional snapshots of Justin’s life including the birth of his new baby, the degradation of his relationship and his eventual mental breakdown.

Continue reading ‘JISOE’

nyc – unspace

nyc exposed

nyc exposed

This guy does a bit of urban exploration in NYC. Got some sweet flicks.

here is his flickr page