Monthly Archive for May, 2006


Hi Hi!!! ^.^

look what pnut is drawing for me! oooooooo!

look at him… awwwwwwwww! (click to make bigger)


It’s not finihsed yet. but you will know when it is!!!


omg a fishtank!

my gorgeous girlfriend gave me a rad aquarium for my birthday last week! We just went a bought some more gear for it today.

I have got a heater and 3 types of plants in there until we can get the fish in, which will be a week at least away. I’ve read so much stuff today. So much stuff i didn’t know about. Hooray for the internet!

Check it. click for bigger version!

making cider

That’s right! Yesterday we went to the Vic Market and purchased about 7Kg of apples and pears and nashi pears.  Got them home and juiced the crap out of them in Timmy’s juicer, added the juice to the wort i made from a Black Rock Cider tin and away we go!

I now have 18L of cider bubbling away.  It got a little too cold under the stairs so i dragged it out where it’s slightly warmer and its quite happy now.

Will keep this post updated with its progress!

Stephen Colbert

This man is my hero. He must have been absolutely shitting when he got up in front of the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday night.

Watch it here:

77.9 MB .mp4 version (if direct linking fails, get it from here)

OR 3-part through youtube:…&search=colbert…&search=colbert…&search=colbert

transcript here!


Will continue this once i have watched it all without interruption!